youtube zach lavine dunk contest

And to answer a question Zion often getsno, he didnt send Drake the jersey.
Creating's always been a part.
Zion isnt originally what is a sweeping generalization from Spartanburg, though.
I like to set someone up right underneath the rim, and as I jump over them, I'm looking at the ground, so I'm never looking at the rim ever.Zion is now a legitimate 6-7 forward but maintains the floor general skills he honed as a middle schooler with an added bounce unseen elsewhere on the high school scene. .With Toronto he was known as Air Canada which obviously is awesome!There are people who are freaks of nature.You say all your life.Its tough to put into context something that is arriving for the first time.
Theres a lot of work to be done before any of that happens, but Zion is on the right track.
Itd be like 11, 12 oclock, and coaches are calling, and were like, Wait a minute, do they not know you have to go to school tomorrow?Wilkins go to dunk in game was the power jam from the baseline, but during contests he relied on a plethora of reverse and 360 style dunks.He did not sound tired.And give back to my community.So when Wilkins teammate, 5 7 Spud Webb was listed as a contestant it became must-see.Its no secret what Spartanburgs residents are hoping for.They asked, "Can you dunk in jeans?" I said, "I can dunk in anything.