worst contestant on chopped

Finding themselves on the other side of the judges' table for the first time was a big change.
I know Im up against three professional chefs, but Ive been cooking since I was eight years old.
Marcus Samuelsson, for Marcus, there are a lot of great memories on the show, including his winning Season 2 of All-Stars, but what tops his list is the fun that he and his fellow judges have in both capacities.
In the judges round, he competed alongside Alex, Marc and Marcus, but he was chopped after the first round.Serving an entree-sized appetizer dish, or worse; an appetizer-sized entree.Wait, whos using the Robot Coupe?Lauren extended an uncomfortable hand to rub the back of chef Tre during his story about his NJ restaurant Adara facing closer.Watch a Highlight: Most-Memorable Moments, aarón Sánchez, aarón remembers the time when he, Amanda, Maneet and Geoffrey competed in the judges round in Chopped All-Stars, Season.He'll never forget that feeling, but he says what stays with him most is "understanding what all the other chefs that come on this show go through" upon opening that first basket.
Then I saw another one last week, she was a pastry person, Tamryn something?
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The immediate disposition of Lauren was mirrored to her last appearance.I figured Id be able to camouflage it with artistic plating.Of course she was the first chopped.To the chagrin of many who watched, Lauren Von Der Pool, was chopped in the first round.I believe that my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior will lead me to win.