will they do a sweep before 40 weeks

This is raffle prizes for a jack and jill my 2nd baby and I have been nothing but uncomfortable for weeks and weeks to the point where some days my hips and back hurt so much I can't walk.
Hi im having one this afternoon but my midwife is only doing it because my doctor has said i have to have it done if she hadnt said for me to have one done at 38 and at 39 weeks my midwife wouldnt.I'm 39 weeks on Monday, and have midwife app on Tuesday.What's the chances of midwife doing one for me?Has anybody else felt so uncomfortable and had a sweep early because of it?I've heard you can have a sweep at 40wks with 1st baby, and 41wks with 2nd baby but am debating whether to ask for a sweep at my next app considering i won't be full term.How many days do they wait until they offer second sweep if first.I can understand why they wont do it before 40 weeks unless theres a good reason why but.What is a membrane sweep."Australia to compete in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest".
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