voucher types in peoplesoft

You can also update this voucher as necessary.
For vouchers posted by means of the detail offset method, you must use a manual journal entry in the general vinopolis wine tasting voucher ledger to correct accounting entries.
(Optional) Click the Copy PO button or hotel com promo code december 2015 select the Worksheet Copy Option field below the Invoice Information page header to copy information from the appropriate voucher, purchase order, receiver, sweepstakes walmart gift card or other template.
Pages Used to Enter and Complete Registered Vouchers Page Name Definition Name Navigation Usage Invoice Information vchr_express1 Accounts Payable, Vouchers, Add/Update, Regular Entry, Invoice Information Create a registered voucher by entering the voucher using a voucher style of Register Voucher.See Budget-Checking PeopleSoft Payables Transactions Using Commitment Control.Letter of Credit Displays the ID for the letter of credit.Late Charge Code If you choose to compute late charges at the voucher level, set the value here.The Action field and Print Invoice button appear on this page as well as other pages in the Voucher component.Merchandise Amount Received Displays the amount received for the receiver line.Run the Payables to Projects Cost Collection Application Engine (PC_AP_TO_PC) program, which retrieves the distribution and line information from the Voucher Line table and creates entries in the Project Transactions (proj_resource) table.To inquire on registered vouchers, use the Complete Register Voucher component or the Scheduled Payment Inquiry page.Federal prompt payment due date requirements and enable enforcement of valid reimbursable periods for project-related vouchers.See Also Entering Nonmerchandise Charge Details Viewing Purchase Order and Receiver References Access the View Source PO/Receiver Information page (click the Purchase Order Receiver Info link in the Invoice Lines group box on the Invoice Information page).You must also enter a voucher.
You cannot change this value after the voucher has been paid.
View Matched/Cancelled Only Select to limit the search to include matched and canceled purchase orders only.
On this page, you can change the payment schedule, schedule multiple payments, schedule direct payments to an alternate vendor or vendor location, record a manual payment, and create an express payment.Checking the voucher match status.The system does not prevent users from reversing the voucher line, distribution line, or quantity and amount more than the original value, and no validation exists to check the reversal voucher gross amount.Each voucher that the system returns has a Clear All button.This action puts the voucher back into a postable state, as if it had never been posted.This check box is available only if you are distributing by quantity and copying from either a purchase order or a receiver.See Entering Journal Vouchers.The card provider makes settlements for all transactions that are made with PCards directly to suppliers.