toyota graduate rebate program canada

The premise here is obviously to hook in young professionals that will have higher-than-average career earnings, and try to build some brand loyalty early on in life. .
Applicant must be a legal resident of Canada of age of majority in their province of residence at the time of application with valid Canadian Drivers License.
Only one College Graduate Rebate per customer.I definitely dont think you should blindly choose your new vehicle based upon who has the best grad rebate offer, but it is a nice negotiating tool to tell your GM dealer, You know its really coming down to you guys and the Toyota win nba all star model.This kind of makes the Mazda Canada graduate rebate program stand out in my mind a little bit.Save 750 with the College Graduate Rebate program from Southeast Toyota Finance.See your local Southeast Toyota dealer for details and for more information about todays special offers.Low interest rate financing, toyotaCare Every new Toyota comes with no cost maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.
But if you want to take advantage of the latest advances in fuel mileage technology, or have just determined that you can fit a little bit of luxury into your life, then you might as well get as much bang for your buck as possible.Rebate may be used towards down payment, first payment or security deposit (lease).Mazda: Mazda has sort of a unique set up to their graduate rebate program. .This includes the brands of Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC. .Hyundai: I couldnt find anything listed about Hyundai graduation rebates in 2012, but as recently as 2011 they were offering a 500 rebate on all new vehicle purchases. .Again, if I were to purchase a Toyota vehicle I would make their sales staff aware of the better offers out there in the hopes that they would come down a little.Graduates of any recognized Canadian university, college or cegep within the last four years.Verifiable proof of recent or upcoming graduation or graduate school enrollment status is required at the time of lease/purchase.