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And you really, really, really want to set up your cash vouchers uk phone?
(14) Get help: the Moto G 2015 Forums Its impossible for everyone to know everything.
To pin a screen: Touch Was this answer helpful?
09:19 AM, like.There's no notification LED, though, so you do have to interact with the phone to see if there's anything new after the initial display.Password - requires four or more letters or numbers.Twist twice again to switch from rear camera to front camera.This feature will allow your phone to remain unlocked while connected to Bluetooth devices that you trust.The Moto app lets you tweak the added Moto features.Behind the lockscreen is the Google Now launcher.Youve lost everything and there is no way to get it back.(2) Avoid mayhem with 5 taps.
Motorola Migrate will get you the rest of the way, restoring items that were on your old phone and only your old phone (not saved in the cloud).
Your device now has several different lock options available.It's not an always on display like Samsung and LG offer, but it comes on when a new notification arrives, when you pick the phone or when you double-tap the screen.Now that youre back and up to date (or at least all your stuff is its time to become better than ever.Make sure all of your apps are updated: Open the Google Play Store Tap the menu icon in the top left Tap My apps Tap the Installed tab Tap the Update All button There you.The first and last are obvious.If the steps above did not resolve your issue, the last option is to attempt an external reset of your device.(5) Download the Best Apps Games Yay!