stuart lee rebates customer service phone number

I had submitted the rebate request on Oct 4 2016.
Wireless Advocates are just as rude tooawful awful customer service verizon and costco shame on you for using such companies.
All about greed now.These items were purchased on Oct.Even the image of my pending status that they included in the email says 12-14 weeks for processing.Jaamm Stuartleerebates Feb 15, 2016 inglot cosmetics coupon code 2014 Costco/Verizon I switched from AT T to Verizon due to the incentive of 250 Costco cash card per line you switched.I find Costco customer service to be best of class, but they have chosen to work with a rebate company that does not process rebates correctly and cannot be easily contacted when they have caused problems!I am very surprised that Costco has allowed this company within its family!Hmm so basically Costco is letting a scam go on the inside because I am positive the sale person said 3-4weeks now when I call they say sorry it is thru Stuart Lee rebates and 14weeks.Canela1987 Stuartleerebates Sep 3, 2016 Fraud on rebate at Costco I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 on May 25, 2016 and was assured that I would get a 200 plus 25 Costco card after 12-14 weeks.
If at that time I don't see anything to go to the kiosk I got phones from and they will fill out a form there and it should take 2 weeks to get Costco Cash Cards.
I am thinking we need to look into a class action suit against Stuart Lee and possible Costco.I now checked on line and it states that it was denied due 'Carrier Deactivation'.They didnt put my order in so they couldnt find my sales record.As soon as we get it, we will let you know.Called again in August.I'm not sure where to go with is is 600 in story credit at Costco.