shoulder rebate plane

Remember the Record 311?, well this surpasses that out of production plane.
Prices include VAT Quantity: Clifton.420 Shoulder Plane 187.50 Clifton No 420 - Spare Blade.28 Online Catalogue Planes, Blades, Tool Care Clifton Woodworking Planes Shoulder Rebate Planes).
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Prices include VAT, quantity: Clifton.400 shoulder Plane.30, clifton No 400 - Spare Blade.40, clifton.410, ref: HWZ-CLS410 Plane 18mm wide light and accurate shoulder plane, 138mm long.3110 has two noses of different lengths and when they are left off it can be used as a chisel plane.Cutting angle 43, code 303764, price 249.00, replacement Blade.Kiepe Vysouee vlas, kód kiepe f02 Volc Red, kredit 129.Ref: C770, this is the first new plane from Sheffield Toolmaker Clico for some years and it is a beautiful little effort.Kiepe - Volcano HD 2000W Red - profesionální fén na vlasy * 2 vymnitelné nástavce /hubice/ pro rychlejí a bezpenjí vysouení, difusér souástí balení, 3 metry dlouh napájecí kabel, profesionální píkon 1880/2000W pro dokonalé vsledky.Please call us on or send us an email to to be added to our waiting list.GBP /Hand Tools/Planes, Spokeshaves Scrapers/Rebate Shoulder Planes.Prices include VAT, clifton.3110 Shoulder Plane 188.95, clifton No 3110 - Spare Blade.48, clifton.420 Shoulder Plane, ref: HWZ-CLS420 Plane 19mm wide light and accurate shoulder plane, very fine adjustment and mouth, 200mm long.It has a cutter width of 1 1/8 " (29mm).Code 303763, price.00, clifton 3-Option Rebate Plane.
Please call us on or email to be added to our waiting list.Clifton Shoulder Rebate Plane 400 for the finest jobs - mouth opening only.6 mm, promotional codes asda 2015 can almost be used as a corner rabbet plane because the iron is set so far to the front.Code 303761 Price.00 Iron Planes Shoulder Planes, Rabbet Planes clifton Shoulder Planes veritas Shoulder Planes veritas Rabbet Planes juuma Rabbet Block Plane kunz Bullnose Plane You are here: Homepage Planes Shoulder Planes, Rabbet Planes clifton Shoulder Planes Dieter Schmid Werkzeuge GmbH Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Str.Cutting angle 43, code 303762, price 259.00, replacement Blade.Code 303767, price.00, clifton Shoulder Rebate Plane 410 compact plane for precision work.Anketa, jakou znaku preferujete?Choose Language, choose Currency, british Pound, uS Dollar.