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Select photos that have received positive feedback on social media.
Weve got some amazing stories from our past winners that received high accolades on photos they submitted - keep an eye out because we are sharing their stories weekly.Theres a few things we learned from this years competition:.) Captivating photos are more than just justice coupon code august 2015 pretty pictures.Select photos that bring you or someone youve photographed great joy.Last year we only had one make it, and it definitely didnt get near as high in placing as this years!You'll soon have your chance.The photos with the most votes win!".
2.) As stoked as we are about how well we did, were even more excited to see how our friends colleagues did!
International Academy of Wedding Photographers, too!
With that said, we've always requested permission and offered compensation if we ever used submitted photos for promotion of our software tools.No hoity-toity group of judges sifting through your entries, the whole system is democratic.To learn more about the 2018 Photo Contest or see last family dollar coupon matchups 9/27 year's winners, head over to the contest website.Its just a contest, and what matters at the end of the day is that our brides grooms loved their photos.Last year the contest was held during one of our slower months (which is December, oddly enough) and this year it was in the first quarter of the year and we were busy with traveling, weddings and engagements.Tag a friend or share this post with them.They tell a story, rather than just show; they evoke emotion or thought.Jason Lexies Palm Springs wedding last year placed 197th (our of 7,490)!Now, due to some contractual stuff, cheap cruises 2015 december we cant share one of the three Finalist images (but we will update this blog post to share the third image soon, promise!) But, here are two of them!