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While this method works with any rewards card, the real pot of gold is the elusive credit card sign-up bonus.
Fun Fact: My local Walmart can be similar to the seventh layer of hell on certain days, and I would rather cut off my own boob than pursue this strategy on a regular basis.
Credit cards that provide cash back are good options because theyre so versatile.Arent we just kicking the can down the roadand paying extra for that can besides?Once you load your Bluebird with the gift cards youve purchased, simply direct American Express Bluebird to pay your mortgage bill like you would with any other type of online checking account.Keep your cards in your hand as you can complete the process using o'reilly auto parts coupon codes 2015 the customer credit card reader.However, due to the issues many are having, weve had to bump it down in our rankings.So, yes, Bluebird still works.Our hunch is that many people were using it as a way to create manufactured spending and have gotten caught.In other words, are the points and miles youre trying to earn worth more than the fees youre paying? .For instance, every dollar you spend on a card may earn you 2 points.As such, your job is to avoid falling for their trap at all costs.
2) Loading the account.Before you start using any of these methods, its important to ask yourself if it even makes sense. .While the process itself is easy, theres a lot of strategy that goes into earning your points and miles.By using a credit card to pay your mortgage, you are attempting to earn points that will help make the things you want cheaper.Get Your 10 Signup Bonus and Free Debitize Account Here.Again, you can use it any time, but its most valuable when trying to meet minimum spending requirements.