sales contest ideas for restaurants

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We spend at least three hours every night cleaning.
Gift Certificates, run a contest to see which employee can sell the most gift certificates.
Managers have had post office voucher balance as many as 10 going at a time on Ambition.Please leave a comment below!In this contest, employees are really competing against themselves. Feel for you who have to sell "10 more dessert wine this month". So a newbie or someone who doesn't like wine, had the job of selling some of your basic wines.The average sales contest involves one performance metric and a leaderboard.Create your own bingo board by filling in the squares with menu items you want your employees to sellfor example, your signature cocktail, a new entrée, or a specific dessert.This will keep your business clean and will allow the whole team to work more efficiently.Add motivational firepower via compelling incentives for your winners.Incentives like sports tickets, concert passes or tickets to famous attractions work extremely well. .
If you want to take this sales contest to the next level, have a preliminary round where that you'll use to divide your performers into each league.Run Epic someone sweeping in a dream Sales Contests on Ambition.5 female workers sue all heart uniforms coupon codes McCormick Schmicks over sexual harassment.If you manage a high percentage of fantasy football lovers, consider a fantasy sales competition. .Dec 09, 2017, trending this week: A big year for restaurant acquisitions; First look at Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai.Often, simple recognition for a job well done is a big part of the reward.