ladwp rebates

Save Water Money: Reduce outdoor water use by replacing your lawn with California Friendly landscaping.
(Related: Refrigerator Recycling Program window A/C Recycling Program : Recycle your old window air conditioner for a 25 prepaid gift card from the ladwp. .
Learn more about what you can do to save energy, water, and money on the ladwp website.Visit the link for examples of these projects.Quick Tip: Set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher in the summer.And with recent rate changes that encourage conservation, now is the time to take action.Energy-efficient measures include installing high-efficiency windows, cool roofs, and energy-efficient data centers.Ladwp is putting customers first through: upgrading infrastructure, we ensure you have reliable play quiz and win laptop 2015 water and power and water service by replacing aging infrastructure in a steady, cost-efficient and customer-focused way.In fact, as the short case study on Virginia Commonwealth University demonstrates, commercial buildings across the country are already specifying LED overhead lighting for retail spaces, universities, corporate offices and housing.
We are transforming our water supply simple instagram contest ideas by expanding local water supplies, reducing reliance on expensive imported purchased water, and meeting regulatory mandates for drinking water quality and Owens Lake dust control.
The list includes electric griddles, electric steam cookers, and reach-in refrigerators.
Lighting retrofits include sensor control installation, LED fixture replacement, and other lighting replacements.Visit the website for more information on how you can make the transition to solar.For Renters, energy Conservation, efficient Product Marketplace : Being energy-efficient can be as simple as replacing a fluorescent bulb with an LED lightbulb.Energy Upgrade government canada energy rebate programs California : Through a whole-house approach, you can complete energy-efficient upgrades on multiple areas of your home and receive up to 5500 in rebates.Solar Incentive Program : ladwp will help offset the costs of solar rooftop installation to your home.Water Conservation, water Conservation Rebate Program : ladwp offers rebates on retrofits and replacement of old toilets, nozzles, irrigation systems, and more.Putting OUR customers first.