keystone by maax shower door bottom vinyl seal sweep

This shower should not be on the market and no one should have to endure an experience such as this.
She carefully examined both eyes and determined that small pieces of chili's online promo code glass had made several punctures in my lower eye.I paid out of pocket for the ER visit, and medication.I continue to relive this experience, especially when triggered by magazine pictures or tv adds.While exiting the shower, I slid the right door to open and suddenly the entire door came crashing down upon.I now have a permanent disfigurement on my right hand and continued pain when touched.She was most concerned about glass in my eyes.The cuts on my hands and legs did not require stitches, however, one cut was deeper and has required more attention.This was an extremely frightening experience that caused much upheaval, anxiety, concern and time among many individuals.
It cast a shadow on our much anticipated trip to our friends retirement party and daughters baby shower.
I have asked for compensation from the company and they told me that I would have to go through an attorney.Update: I was told that the medical bills would be paid.In addition, our trip from Vermont to Ohio was ruined.My partner took me to another bathroom to rinse off all of the glass on my body before going to the emergency room.I believe that I have a just case as I question the use of safety glass in this product.In addition, I am haunted by the memories of standing naked in a shower with glass covering me and bleeding from head to toe.In addition, the physician gave me ointment for my hands and legs.