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Plaintiff and counterclaim defendant JR tobacco of america, Inc.
Thus, the greyhound retired military discount court noted that "if appellants' specific claims.
Although these names may be foreign to those uninitiated to the world of cigars, they figure among the most celebrated of South American cigar manufacturers, producing such world famous cigar brands as Macanudo, Partagas, Punch and Rey del Mundo.And Blow Smoke in the Face of the Anti-Smoking Movement, Christopher Cox, Boston Herald (Apr.1036, 1042 (S.D.N.Y.1981) (prohibiting rival company from using competitor's trademark in its advertising if advertising contains falsehoods regarding relationship between two competitors' products).Zenith Radio Corp., 475.S.This flatly contradicts the representation of the brochure that JR has taken affirmative steps to duplicate the taste of Davidoff cigars.Rothman posits that because many cigar makers, including Davidoff, have copied Macanudo, JR's creation of cigars "substantially equivalent" to Macanudo means that JR must also have "duplicated, as closely as possible" the taste of Davidoff cigars.These three set about to create tobacco blends which would duplicate the taste of the various famous Havanas, as well as the look of the wrappers characteristic to each brand.Create a shopping account today.
Where a manufacturer claims to have undertaken certain steps to achieve an equivalent or similar product, however, the veracity of the literal meaning depends upon whether those steps have in fact been taken.
Bristol-Myers Squibb., 938.2d 1544, 1549 (2d Cir.1991).
Taken in its context, JR is stating that the people radio times promotion code 2016 it has consulted individuals from General Cigar, Inc., Villazon, and Matasa are the people who produce the majority of the world's most famous cigar brands.Instead, the nonmovant must "come forward with enough evidence toyota contest malaysia to support a jury verdict in its favor, and the motion will not be defeated merely.No coupons available, gallery, be the first to add a photo!The claims of duplication contained in statements one, four, five, six and the Cuban narrative are patently false.Origin Although Rothman states in his affidavit that "the original cigar is duplicated by the alternative, as closely as possible with respect to the five listed characteristics: size, shape, taste, origin, and wrapper color (Rothman Aff., 10 he contradicts this statement in other sworn testimony.