how to set up a raffle on ebay

I also sent out an email asking my friends and the other ticket sellers for donations.
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You want the drawing to be an event.Most people love to travel and the biggest obstacle is usually cost.Recommended Reading: Fundraising Job Opportunity: Do You Have What It Takes?Choosing your Facebook raffle prize is one of the most important parts of running a logitech coupon code canada great Facebook raffle.Though it might seem counterproductive to market to people who you know already like your brand, this could help renew interest from your inactive customers.Only raffle off donated prizes.The more familiar people are with the cause or organization, the more likely they are to buy tickets.
Though you might think promoting a raffle is a waste (why not just promote your website or products directly?
You will be putting virtually all of the ticket sales toward your particular charitable purpose.
So I know what you are thinking.How will you motivate the volunteers to sell more tickets?Once youve planned your contest and decided on a prize, the next thing youll want to do is put together your raffle rules.Just make sure you keep your raffle target market and goal in mind as you move forward into putting together your Facebook raffle.You can do this on your raffle page or on the raffle post itself - just make sure you make it clear that Facebook isnt at all involved with the administration of your giveaway.Also establish that no one associated with your organization can purchase a ticket.Before you get started running your raffle, you need to do a little pre-planning.A product bundle: Similarly, giving away a few of your products is another great prize idea.However, travel doesnt have to be exotic to make a great prize.2, identify how you will purchase the car.