how to run a contest on facebook

Facebook contest apps automate the set up, installation and data storage required stadium giveaway bobbleheads for a contest.
Brand awareness metrics include how many people were forwarded an email about your brand from their friends, how many people saw a shared message about your brand, and how many people see when their friend Likes your brands Facebook Page.Wishponds Facebook Contest Apps includes built-in Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest share buttons.But, its fair game on Twitter to post about the same thing cheap hotel deals online multiple times per day.Wishpond client Diamond Candles has used this strategy to grow their Facebook fanbase to over 260,000 fans.A hashtag photo contest might be just the trick to help you accomplish both of those goals.Thats some serious efficiency!For this method you should ask for the smallest amount of data you need to be able to contact entrants with follow-up emails to convert them into sales.Written recommendations are the easiest type of user generated content to obtain from fans.This is a strict rule on Facebook.The best types of photos include your brand or products as these can be used in your marketing to show proof of customers using and loving!
Contact Details: This method requires people to enter their email address, name, phone number, etc.
Promote your contest on social networks: Share on Twitter, Pinterest, Google and anywhere else you have a social presence.Using a Wishpond contest app, contest cash prize when a person clicks the Like button, the screen refreshes to show the contest automatically, where fans can then enter to win.People Must Enter Through The App.Wishpond has a full suite of Facebook Contest Apps.Google Alerts: Set up Google Alerts to monitor mentions of your contest across the entire web.Rignite Tip: Dont make your prize an iPad, or an iPhone, or a Kindle.You then need to communicate, provide value and engage with your new audience to increase sales.Or just enter their email address?These are a great way to get access to new communities of customers.