how to make a contest wheel

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Allow at least 45 minutes for all glue to dry.To Make a Prize Wheel 2 Measure the backing for the wheel.Trace the outer edges of the lazy Susan and create a dot for each of the holes as well as the center point of the inner circle.4, use a protractor to get more accurate measurements.8, cut a wedge out of the butcher paper in the desired size and then use masking tape to tape it onto the wheel.You might marshalls printable coupons 2015 just want to paint it all one color, such as black or brown, so that the wheel will be the center of attention.Drill four guide holes across that line using a 1/16th-inch bit.My kids were thrilled to help out!
To prevent this, designate a number of times a person can spin the wheel.
Get a drill bit, and a dowel the same size.
You can either glue numbers or prize images onto the wheel or draw/paint them.After you add the nails, you can paint the tops of the nails if you like.If you dont want to rush to the store to gather supplies right nowyou havent seen enough pictures!2, sand the round.To Make a Prize Wheel 3 Build the base.It should be 3/4-inch to 1-inch (1-2cm) thick, and at least a foot (30cm) longer than the round's diameter.