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There are still world records left to beat.
Two other maurices discount codes september 2015 modes that were created in ssbm's lifetime were BMO and NJA: BMO: B Moves Only.Home run contest in Super Smash Bros.A history of HRC and its milestones up till about 2005 can be found on the site Folderol, but note that the HRC record's list is currently out of date.Home-Run Bat, which can be used to hit the bag extremely far.He then returned to Melee s Home Run Contest in earnest and set about his attempt to beat the past world records placed by himself and other HRC fans in the decade prior.In, super Smash Bros.
Melee edit 300 meters/984.3 feet: Sandbag trophy 400 meters/1,312.4 feet: Yoshi's Island N64 stage 450 meters/1,476.4 feet: Paper Mario trophy 5,000 meters/16,404.2 feet total: Unown trophy In Super Smash Bros.
Originally, before the game's release in Europe, North America and Japan had a competition between each other for the highest HRC scores.In Brawl, the highest number the distance counter can reach is 999,999.9, only visible with hacks.The bat can be used, so somewhat unique bat drops are utilized.This competitive nature has continued and grown onto ssbb, especially due to the replay function (thus making video production easier) and video streaming sites such as.3 Ganondorf and the Ice Climbers can both hit the Sandbag over the limit, with informal distance record videos here: 4 5 Through TAS, Peach is also able to hit the Sandbag over the limit 6, but cannot exactly hit 11,347.2 feet, with the best.