hamburger eating contest record

Chestnut's height is 6-feet-one-inch (1.9 m his thanksgiving raffle ideas weight is 230 pounds (104 kg).
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This would be a brief record until Bertoletti would consume 47 slices a few weeks later.He ate 81 hamburgers.A year later on July 4, 2017, he raised the bar again by raising his record to 72 hot dogs.This was his 10th title and once again set a new Coney Island record.Citation needed On July 4, 2012, Chestnut successfully defended his title at Nathan's 97th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.Retrieved "Hooters' cooks put in the hard work before Joey Chestnut scarfs his way to world wing eating championship".Retrieved November 28, 2013.Event attendees are welcome to play an exciting Wheels for Meals game and possibly win prizes.Kdy na tomto webu na nco kliknete nebo pejdete, vyjádíte tím svj souhlas, e smíme pomocí cookies shromaovat informace na Facebooku i mimo."Eating champ delivers top pizza performance in NY"."Major League Eating International Federation of Competitive Eating".
Chestnut ate 380 wontons in 8 minutes to set a new world record.
"Joey Chestnut Ate 69 Hot Dogs to Win the 2012 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest".
(The overall human record is 4 minutes 18 seconds, done by Molly Schuyler on, on her first of three meals.11 On July 4, 2009, Chestnut topped his previous record of 59 hot dogs and buns by consuming 68 HDB in the 2009 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.41 Pork Roll : 32 quarter-pound pork roll sandwiches in 10 minutes at the Trenton Thunder World Famous Case's Pork Roll Eating Championship in Trenton, NJ on September 26, 2015."So I've been researching how not to die.".On September 27, 2009, Chestnut lost to Takeru Kobayashi in Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship.28 Since the start of his competitive eating career, his competition weight has varied from 225240 pounds (102109 kg).Sponsors of the 2014 Rice Festival include Lundberg Family Farms, Ward Centers, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, Lanakila Pacific, Yum!