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Dont clutter up the image with too much text.
#2: Share the Rules, compared to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram doesnt have very many promotion rules.
Follow sothentheysayblog) and ALL bloggers/ shops.To subscribe to our account Your account name_.We are passionate about improving RandomPicker and its services.All entries must be submitted by 1/20 6pm CST.The contest will last till day/month/year.An additional perk of Like contests is the chance to show up on Instagrams Discover page (formerly the Popular page).
Conclusion Instagrams broad promotion guidelines give you the freedom to create and host giveaways without a lot of hassle.Per Instagram rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc.Instagram photos or videos to try to win the prize you're going discounts for military in orlando to raffle.Congratulate him personally on his page.The main prize will be _Your prize_.Indicate the contest timeframe.The main prize will be_Your prize_.Prepare simple rules for the participants.Thank Your participants for their participation.Publish the winners page and show the Certificate of Validity to give transparency to your sweepstakes.