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12/4/14 Pelicans at Warriors: Steve Kerr and the Warriors struggle to find a consistent pace of play.
Nets at Magic: Victor Oladipo takes Kevin Garnetts advice, starts meditating.
Grizzlies at Kings: Mike Malone gets a technical foul for raising his eyebrows too hard.
Warriors at Sirs: Healthy once again, Shaun Livingston gets a triple double, shows Michael Carter-Williams what its all about.I would like to see him change pace more than he does both in transition and in the half-court; against NBA level athletes, this is a must.Grizzlies at Spurs: Tony Allen somehow makes exactly half of his seven shots.Pistons at Warriors: Stan Van Gundy steals a random Tesla from the Oracle Arena parking lot.Jazz at Warriors: Dante Exum is surprised that there is another game already.The guy that dunked, the guy that blocked a shot.
Speaking of using range to set up the driving attack, a favorite method of attack for the more developed bigs instant wins national lottery review in the league, Isaacs handle isnt anywhere it needs to be to put the ball on the floor at the pro level.
11/14/14 Nuggets at Pacers: Paul George wears a blindfold to the game.
Grizzlies at Jazz: The Jazz call Brock "Dial Up" Motum up from the D-League.Nuggets at Clippers: Chris Douglas-Roberts debuts his playoff topknot.AI's dominance was predicated on his aggression, but a willingness to take it into the paint against men twice his size and explosive quickness are no guarantee of greatness.Spurs at Jazz: Tim Duncan regales the local media with Karl Malone war stories.Blazers at Sirs: The 76ers give away a slice of pizza for every point scored.