free cryptocurrency giveaway

Here is what was said in the latest Mandatory update by the lead BCC DEV: We have updated our wallets and source to tackle the recent issue BCC was facing.
Today we are celebrating the Block reward doubling with a giveaway for BCC ( bitcointalk coin) coin!
Please also note any comments coming in after giveaway is closed will NOT BE honored.There are limited coins for giveaways so boosted shades coupon code please respect the deadlines thanks.To find out more about BCC coin check out the.Below are the details on how the rewards are now: Up to Block BCC/Block.Last block will be 60,000 BCC.Miners will be happy to hear that the block reward will be doubling right here!Next 26 blocks will be 81,920 BCC/Block.Announcement Thread : Post 2 meaningful sentences.Reward will double every 360 blocks up-to block 11,520.
The Airdrop to the BitcoinTalk Members will start form the 17th of May onwards so as not to dilute the coin and now Miners can enjoy Mining it before it goes into POS.
Bitcointalk Thread and our previous post on BCC coin!Payments will be made within 24 hours.Rewards start doubling in 427 blocks!We are also changing the rewards and moving towards a pure POS coin.2 BCC itter: Follow, retweet, bCC twtter last tweet and tweet to @MintPalExchange @cryptsy to add BCC there. .BCC Dev has been one of the most active devs of a coin which makes BCC Coin such a wonderful asset to the Crypto Currency Community.