ford sweepstakes 1901

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The cars had not sold well and Ford wanted to develop a better one, but his stockholders decided to dissolve the company.
For years, auto manufacturers have raced cars in order to push innovation and draw customers into showrooms.
Company executives on hand included Edsel Ford II, Henry Ford III, and Dave Pericak, director of Ford Performance, joined by Patricia Mooradian, president of The Henry Ford, and Matt Anderson, curator of transportation.He stepped aside as Roush Performance engineer Glenn Miller fired up the Sweepstakes two-cylinder,.2-liter engine to give Ford executives and members of the news media hot laps around the Henry Ford property.That car brought him some local recognition, but nothing like the sensations being created in the press by famous drivers and builders like Alexander Winton, Frank Duryea, Ransom.Fords competitiveness, technical skill and stunning victory over Winton in Grosse Pointe caught the attention of investors.On October 10, 1901115 years ago this payment voucher meaning and importance weekthe Ford Sweepstakes racer helped to launch the automotive career of Henry Ford.In late 1900, Henry Fords fortunes were at a low ebb.Henry Ford was confident that somebody would succeed in producing the mass-market car he envisioned, and above all else he wanted to be the one to.
It was in a state of entrepreneurial ferment: Total.S.Racing is what makes Ford different, and this is the car that started it all, says Dave Pericak, global director of Ford Performance, the Ford division that developed the GT as well as production cars like the ferocious Mustang GT350 R that won the Continental.And now, 115 years later, Ford marked the achievement with a ceremony at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, where the assembled media could inspect and ride the historic machine.On the one-mile dirt oval of the Detroit Driving Club in Grosse Pointe on October 10, 1901, Henry Ford served notice to the automotive world with his first racing car.Sitting atop the backfiring, black-smoke-belching, cabin-less Sweepstakes, its not immediately obvious that it has anything in common with the sleek, low-slung GT coupe.The original 1901 Ford Sweepstakes can be viewed at the Henry Ford Museum, But alas, rides in the replica are not available.