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The conversation wasn't like, What is it going to be in the country?
Steve Bannon : The exit polls were horrific.I was drinking Diet Coke and eating hummus and olives.Bret Baier : At 8:30 I turned to Chris Wallace, who was sitting next to us on the set, and said, This does not look like it's lining.And obviously Ohio and those states were starting to come.Im just saying dumb shit, all things Id read on Politico or fuckin The Atlantic or whatever.I texted my husband, Tell Rosie to go to bed.Melissa Alt : Obviously, I wanted everyone to see target toy sale promotional code it first and then eat.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Maggie Haberman : One Trump supporter sent me a message saying, Youre fucked.And I think images of gobsmacked reporters probably wouldnt have helped.
Brian Fallon, Clinton campaign national press secretary : There had been a battleground tracking poll our team had done over the weekend that had us up 4 points.
So we kinda laughed.Van Jones : My phone was literally warm from the text messages coming.Do you know that your cake is trending all over the whole internet?And in an emergency, you've got a purpose, a job to do, and ours is to put pressure on power.What if they fucked it up?But once I realized there was no way for Clinton to win, I called them saying, I'm sorry, this is what I do for a living and I was wrong.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Getty Brian Fallon : We had this issue where the Javits Center needed us out by.m.I turned on msnbc, and Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow were asking, Howd you get this wrong?We were still in the halo of the whole thing.