diy sweep and stretch

He will probably feel expense voucher form what feels like a bit of string running round the edge of this little circle, that the bit your aiming for, just get him to stretch it out as much as he can without hurting you.
The size of the dimple in the middle that he can put two fingers on real money surveys online will tell you how ready you are.I know a few girls really wanna know how to do it some frown apon it some are just interested in how you.As for the mw telling you do diy, Ive never heard of that!Once he has two fingers in the dimple bit if he can fit them in ( thats 2cm dilated if he can) he needs to keep his fingers in the dimple and then use them to stretch by moving each finger away from the other.Do it for a couple of minutes if you can bear it and rinse and repeat every day.If he cant even reach cervix bump then its too broom swept concrete high ( i doubt that will be your case as you are nearly due).All I know is it hurts like heck!Just found out a great explenation.He will probably be able to tell you how dilated you are and if its changing each day too.My dr's all call it 'rimming the cervix' so Im wondering if that means sweep or stretch?I wonder if she's ever even been pg and doesnt realize the hand dont reach even if you wanted to!
Remember if it hurts abit he is doing it right but you shouldnt be in too much pain, thats not the point.
One of my friends told me when I was pg with my 2nd, to feel for something that resembles the top of a coke bottle?I think Id freak if I felt that in my body!Im scared also to poke around in there, it's hard enough to wash myself so I probably wouldnt reach either.Not medical advice from me, just personal experience from a lady who has gone 4 days over with both her babies and got a lesson from midwife on how to check.Just make sure hands are very clean and you are relaxed.My 2nd finger couldnt reach it no DIY sweep myself so back to bouncin on my ball!