contest for iphone 5s

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Rosenbacher (aka uSAnon managed to insert himself into nearly every piece of press about the bounty.
In a phone interview Rosenbacher told ZDNet that he does not have an information security company, nor does he work in the infosec industry in any capacity.
Thursday night, bounty founders, nick Depetrillo and, robert David Graham along with a few other notorious hackers, such.Angry that Rosenbacher has hijacked and claimed the community effort as his own to the world (as well as mad as hell that press outlets fell for it the people actually behind #istouchidhackedyet asked Rosenbacher to put his money where his mouth.Pretty different from the other quizzes, this contest gives you a chance to win an Iphone 5 by simply answering.K.Most coverage was correct, minus a few details here and there. .He also separated himself from the bounty contest, telling us that he would not be joining the #istouchidhackedyet crowdfund in either its awarding of the bounty or its terms for the award and laid out his own terms for awarding any funds.And some major press outlets fell for it even though he never had anything to do with the project in any way.Maybe the most spectacular hack was against the LG Nexus 5 also against its NFC tech.Compelled to stop the madness, the following text was added to the website footer: "This site created by @nickdepetrillo and @erratarob, out of discussions with @thegrugq, @quine, @DonAndrewBailey, and a large cast of characters on Twitter." That cast does not include Rosenbacher's name.On cnbc, he spoke for "the hacking community representing #istouchidhackedyet.
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Lots of reasons, of course.At one point Rosenbacher claimed to some press it was his infosec firm that was behind.HP throws a series of these contests in which it invites hackers to break in to specific devices or apps, then pays them for the security holes they find.We estimate there will be an update to cure that within 24 hours.Cnbc : What is the hacking community now doing with the phone?Cnbc or the.K.'s, telegraph, you would walk away thinking #istouchidhackedyet was his project.Windows Phone did surprisingly well against hackers in a recent contest.Once the 'pot' turned into a bounty, we reported on it, followed one hour later by Forbes.CipherLaw's Jim Denaro said in a tweet ( currently unavailable ) on Friday: "Spoke with @Arturas adding: "No escrow can be paid at this moment; but still considering options." Ultimately, no one has been hurt by the misappropriation and misattribution.Apple says it hasn't seen any of its customers hit by such an attack.