coney island hot dog eating contest video

See what it takes to compete in the Hot Dog Eating Contest in Episode Two of Chasing the Mustard Belt.
The best competitive eaters in the world will carrier thermostat rebate gather in front of more than 30,000 fans to see who can devour the most hot dogs in 10 minutes to take home the 10,000 prize.
Matt Stonie trains for the Hot Dog Eating Contest with the competitive eating grocery checkout of champions.The women's division of the contest earlier saw reigning champion Miki Sudo, of Las Vegas, take her fourth title in a row, eating 41 dogs in 10 minutes.The construction manager-turned-pro eater will compete in and usually win eating competitions with any food put in front of him.But Thomas holds the women's record, at 45 franks.Can paid surveys ireland online you think of an athlete who holds 44 records in their respective sport?More: So toasted insects are now apparently ballpark food.
Joey Chestnut Takes Free Samples of Nathans Famous Seriously.
Chestnut has consumed 577 career dogs on his way to victory.Both competitors hail from California's Bay Area.To eat more hot dogs, of course.The unofficial count for dogs eaten by Sudo was originally.The tally broke the previous park and jet phl coupon code record at a Nathan's hot dog eating competition for dogs downed, although Chestnut said he thought he could have done better.Some pick up Nathans Famous by the pack.Reigning hot dog-eating champion Joey Chestnut has taken the win again in the Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating competition.