clean sweep by joan bauer summary

6, identify the Conflict As you read Clean Sweep, notice how a past event causes both an internal and external conflict.
4, conflict As you may recall, there are two types of conflict: Internal: A fight or struggle with yourself External: A fight or struggle with an outside force.
The climbers struggle to descend the mountain.
Unable to hold on, she uk freebie list had fallen and broken her leg.A minuscule amount of light came through the window.Download ppt "Clean Sweep By Joan Bauer.".Jump to Other Work, select One.SmokeChildren of WarLetter of HopeTestingSoarThe Truth About SharksPancakesHardwareA Letter From the FringeClean SweepListenBlockedThinExtra VirginTell MeAlmost HomeClose to FamousPeeledRules of the RoadBest Foot ForwardStand TallHope Was A teenager helps an old woman clean out her attic and finds a book that.Her sense of propriety kept her from interrupting him.1, clean Sweep By Joan Bauer 2, when does trash become treasure?Also, see if you can identify or spot a subplot.10, flashback A break in the present to reflect upon something that took place in the past.
Lis fight to keep her nerve while climbing down.The room was dark and dingy.It was an aberration, not what she usually sees.Sequence of Events: To fully understand a story, you must recognize the sequence, or order, of the events described.A story may try to develop more than one type of conflict.