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The Roadmender, michael Fairless, a great blackbird flew out with a loud " chook, chook and the red of the haw on his yellow bill.
Oneyooper January 08, 2011 Chook unknown A member of the Royal Australian Signal Corps (rasigs).
It is a Yooper dialect word which has no correct or standard spelling.
#cap #knit cap #watch cap #chuk #toque.The Signallers of 152 Signal Squadron sasr, based at ruelala coupon code free shipping Nui Dat were placed in a small shack resembling a Chook Pen.Similar to that of a 'dag.'.Signallers are known as 'Chooks' throughout the Australian Army.Ted: ha, ya bloody chook #dag #dork #moron #dick #knob by, leeeeeeena, october 07, 2006, chook unknown, a word used in Upper Michigan, which refers to a knit cap sometimes referred to as a watch cap.Full Force) - ford employee discount a plan Grayskull (Feat Bassrk) Chook - Toontown Chook - A Dream Of Being A Person (Original Mix) Chook.Kidzone - Chook Chook Chook (Rhyme kidzone - Chook Chook Chook.Perhaps because of this association, the expression tends to be used disparagingly about someone who claims to have, or should have, superior organisational skills, that they "couldn't run a chook raffle".It is believed the nickname originally came about during promo code for sport chek canada the Vietnam War.Most often the chicken is prepared by a butcher, but live chickens are sometimes raffled.Australian slang term for a chicken.
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With all the chatter over the radios heard from outside, they sounded very much like chooks - hence the nickname.
Claudine Muno - You Are All You Have Chook feat.Harley Young / The Haymakers - Chook Raffle Lady, kidzone - Chook Chook Chook, jitendra Abhyankar, Shruti, Tanvi, Arya, Priyanka - Chook Chook Hen.We raffled off a trip to the Bahamas.Historical Examples, achun well knows all this, and he has determined to have chook, aloong displaced.Arthur Cleveland Bent, a great blackbird flew out with a loud chook, chook, and the red of the haw on his yellow bill.Claudine Muno - You Are All You Have Chook - Toontown (Original Mix) Chook - Cocoon Chook, Bassrk - Grayskull - Original Mix Chook - Trainspot Chook - Retrograde Chook Tim Oe - The Game Is Out There (Original Mix) Chook - Descend Chook (a.k.a.Chook - Naked Tree, chook - Optimus Prime, chook Histories of North American Shore Birds, Part 1 (of 2).The Anglo Canadians pronounce it toke, or took.Able Tasmans - Snow White Chook, simply Bushed - Chook Raffle, kidzone - Chook Chook.