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The top pancake was too hard to eat.
The filling is held together with food starch.The rice was less enjoyable and had a crunchy or grainy texture. .The turkey consists of just two small slices, which was arid.There was little in the way in the seasoning or flavor, and it too was dry.Optional: Please email pictures of the products they have tried. .To activate, simply click on the above link.The only thing I ate from this breakfast were the three pancakes.Broccoli and Beef Dinner, following the heating instructions, zooplus voucher code may 2015 the broccoli was still cold. . If I have an Eczema flare up (especially on my face I will apply this product directly to the flare up to help protect against the elements while still penetrating my skin with moisture.It tasted okay, like cream of mushroom soup, mixed with spinach, and stuffed in a crepe.
It tasted a little bland, but okay. The.The sauce is so sweet I couldnt eat.Following the heating instructions, the chicken and the sauce was still cold.Latest posts by honeygirlsworld ( see all ). If so, do you like them?There was a strange spice that left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, which I couldnt identify from the ingredients list.The puree of squash looked and tasted like baby food. .The brown rice pilaf also reheated well.The sauce didnt melt. .