can you give pets away on craigslist

His mother had told him he could no longer keep the young pup named Maybe, even though the small pittie mix had only known that family.
Be careful, there are dangers in rehoming pets on Craigslist and giving up or advertising a pet free to good home, if you dont do your homework first.
People try to make a quick buck or two by selling their processions suit direct voucher code 20 on the web, others think they are helping the needy by giving away their unwanted things for free.
Will your dog have a yard byron burger offers 2015 or someplace to walk?She points out that giving up any pet for free, especially pit bulls and pit bull mixes is a chance for undesirables to obtain a pet.You may reach me at and find me.Even if you do your homework, there are dangers to rehoming pets on Craigslist.If the person has a pet, talk with their veterinarian to see what type of care they provide or provided for their pet.First off, your dog is not a thing.My list is completely spam free and you can opt out at any time.
Visit your pets new home to see what type of environment it will be and to see if the whole family is on board with the pet adoption.
He confronted the men.While the site is good to network a couch or other items youd like to sell, think twice about using Craigslist to market your pet.As for the nice couple the family had given Duke to for free, animal control was not able to find them.A 12-year-old boy was wandering through Chicagos Bridgeport neighborhood.He was living tied to a fence with no shelter.She specializes on web content managing, online journalism, web analytics, social media, email marketing, SEO and SEM.The family gave Duke, a white Pit Bull, to a young couple who seemed nice, but somehow the dog ended up at the hands of a teenage boy who kicked and beat the animal causing Duke permanent damages.