calories burned while sweeping

Around The House: choose one activity-cleaning, sweeping carpet or floors, generalcleaning, sweeping, slow, light effortcleaning, sweeping, slow, moderate effortcleaning, heavy or major (e.g.
Sports: choose one activity-archery, non-huntingbadminton, competitive ( 450)badminton, social singles and doubles, generalbasketball, game ( 490)basketball, non-game, general ( 480)basketball, generalbasketball, officiating ( 500)basketball, shooting basketsbasketball, drills, practicebasketball, wheelchairbilliardsbowling ( 390)bowling, indoor, bowling alleyboxing, in ring, generalboxing, punching bagboxing, sparringbroomballchildrens games, hopscotch, 4-square, dodgeball, tetherballcheerleading.
Occupation, construction, Coal mining, Farming, Office work, Carrying.
Sexual activity, kissing, Hugging, Passive, Active, Vigorous, sonos coupon code 2015 uk Moderate, Light effort, Humor, sports, ball sports, Boxing, Frisbee, Skateboarding, Tai chi, Track.Water activities, boating, Swimming, Water polo, Water aerobics, Skindiving.Self care, bathing, Hair best employee discounts at best buy styling, Sitting on toilet, Dressing, Grooming.Transportation, driving, Riding, Bus riding, Flying airplanes, Pushing airplane.Winter activities, skating, Skiiing, Snowmobiling, Sledding, Moving ice houses).Dancing, aerobic, Ballroom, Hula, Jazz, Ballet, American Indian.Religious activities, church attendance, Praying, Spiritual dancing, Bible reading.Walking, backpacking/hiking, Dog walking, Load carrying, Bird Watching.
Conditioning exercise, stationary bicycling, Gym does sears give military discount on appliances machines, Rowing, Weights.
Lawn and garden, mowing, Gardening, Chopping wood, Snow shoveling.Home activities, cleaning, Cooking, Child and elder care, Pet care, Butchering animals.Running, jogging, Running, Cross country, Stairs, Mini-tramps.Suitcase level ground or downstairshiking, cross countryhiking or walking at a normal pace through fields and hillsidesbird watching, slow walkmarching, moderate speed, military, no packmarching rapidly, military, no packpushing or pulling stroller,.5.1 mphpushing a wheelchair, non-occupationalrace walkingstair climbing, using or climbing.Music playing, band and orchestra instruments, Marching bands and drum majoring.