broom swept concrete

Restoration, repair, resurfacing, architectural accenting, surface protection, and creating slip resistance of existing concrete are all realized through SureBroom.
Typical areas include parking decks, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots or any horizontal concrete surface requiring repair of spalled areas, low spots, etc.
Astm C1186 Standard Specification for Flat Non-Asbestos Fiber-Cement Sheets.Concrete Resurface, concrete Walkway Restoration, cracking Driveway Repair, coat Decorative Concrete.Compressive Strength (astm C-109 psi (42,251 kPa).Its rapid setting times makes SCT-22 the premier restoration product for industrial warehouse floors that have traffic area spalls and construction joint damage.Finish Coat: Mix finishes coat same as the base coat mix ratios.Once Ive removed the topsoil and confirmed the remaining soil is free-draining and well compacted, I mark the location of the walk on the house and use these marks to place 18-in.Retain samples of all materials used in each mock-up for comparison purposes.Broom Finish Concrete Specifications Section 033500.Impression in the surface, its time to start finishing with a mag float.Conventional bull floats have a fixed connection thats harder target toy sale promotional code to control, especially on large slabs.
The color-coded inserts come in five textures from supersoft to rough.With the grooves cut and the corners rounded, use overlapping arcs with a steel finish trowel to tighten up the surface before brooming.Type: Single component, cement-based.note TO specifier * SureCretes Deep Level is a single component cement based chemical patching compound system providing a patch that goes from 1/8 inch (3 mm) and.Mock-Up shall be on site in areas designated by the architect.Marion Brush makes a brush (the Auto Glide) where the head automatically tilts to the correct angle, so you can get a good broom finish whether you are pushing or pulling the broom.