best de la riva sweep

You can sweep either left or right -You can can transition inward to take the back.
Take a closer look and learn with one of the most technical black belts in the game.
Since its birth in the mid 1980s, the De La Riva Guard has not stopped evolving, being adopted as the weapon of choice by numerous world champions who fed discount rate decision slapped their stamp of approval, making it one of the most taught techniques in Brazilian jiu jitsu.I personally love to use this guard and have been doing so since around 2006 with varying levels of success.Not many believed De La Riva had a chance to beat the heavy favourite, but he showed that he was worthy of the challenge, making the most of his trademark leg hook, taking Royler to a referee decision victory.Jordon Schultz who covers the rdlr in great detail in his instructional m you can also have access to 7 high quality guard technique videos from Jordon when you sign up on his website.Recommended De La Riva Guard Instructional.The second variation is where you are facing our opponent and your outer leg is on your opponents hip and pushing into him while pulling with the hook.The De La Riva Guard, also known as DLR, is a type of open guard which appeared in sport of, brazilian jiu jitsu first by way of a legendary competitor named.Royler was undefeated as a black belt at the time, and considered to be the best featherweight of his generation.
I hope you enjoy using this guard and remember to drill it alot and be creative when trying things out from the guard.Some Notable De La Riva Guard Players.The match that put Ricardos name on the map would coincidentally bring awareness to his new guard game.This will strongly off-balance your opponent forward and to his left (your right).The fight was talked about for a long time by the sports media, who used the term: De La Riva Guard to describe this new position.In either case, you're going to have a pretty good chance to start passing their guard as you come up on top.The first one is what Saulo Ribeiro showed in his instructional Jiu-Jitsu Revolution with a sleeve and ankle grip with the outside hand, with the hook facing out and on his hip.