american idol juniors contestants

It also had a twist, with its behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Music Row business scene.
But annoying coaches and win cool prizes for free confusing scoring never stopped anyone from watching The Voice, so there was more to it than that!
I say hypothetically because no one really watched this.However, Idol has far from run out of gas (yet as it was still able to beat out the Vancouver Winter Olympics on all but one night (February 23rd, 2010).But at that time, Idol s main attractions were the joke contestants and Simon Cowells barbed remarks a formula that could NOT be easily applied.And of course, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest for many.For that group's album, see.Do You Want Another American Idol Season 16?(Frankly, I fear the child-centric.But it was actually a fascinating look at the creative process, something at which Bravo has always excelled.Really, the only winners who are more popular than everyone else in their season are Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and Scotty McCreery.
Rock Star Supernova (2006) No, not Rock Star: inxs.
Once the top-10 was formed, America voted each week for the one contestant they wanted to put into the group.
But did Idol do it better?The Linda Perry Project was the rawest and realest talent competition on television, as a handful of under-the-radar musicians entered the famous Kung Fu Gardens studio to hone their craft and learn from Lindas decades of experience.Rising Star (2014) Kudos to this ABC show, helmed by ex- Idol producer Ken Warwick, for at least trying to put a modern spin on the talent-show format with live in-app voting that was even rejiggered during the West Coast broadcasts so that the entire.(Shes blonde now, fronting a punk-metal band called Stitched Up Heart.The judges got to give their own commentary for at least the first set of games.In eight years, it's launched several careers.