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It mean that you can select percentage discount, or discount it amount, or just disable.
At Direct Marketing Associations.
You can enable or disable voucher code sufix.
We also share our experience and knowledge through free articles, demos, eBooks, videos and glossary terms for the benefit of bloggers and webmasters community.You can apply discount to order value (without shipping) or to specific product (from your catalog).2.4 added feature to add voucher code to customer "my account" voucher codes (if customer is logged in).3 rozpoczcie prowadzenia changeloga dla tego moduu usprawnienia procesu generowania kuponów w prestashop.4.x uzupenienie tumacze oraz usprawnienia do dziaania strony konfiguracyjej wartoci kodu rabatowego opcja.Click the grey Add a funding source button in the top right corner.You can Highlight voucher code in the cart summary.You can define shipping option for minimum cart value (shipping included or excluded).With cart rule concerning categories you can select categories for which voucher code will be active.
Your customers will be able to use them in order process page - shopping cart.
You can define button position in one of column: right or left column You can define url to like, after click on like diy sweep and stretch - your customers will like this page Define like block width Define like block layout (standard like, simple button with count, box.
Voucher code conditions, you can define how long voucher code will be active.More info: Prestashop Facebook like voucher code.With cart rule concerning products you can select products for which voucher code will be active.Main voucher code settings, you can define voucher code name in each language active in your shop.DMA 2010 conference in San Francisco, the social network gave out a coupon code for 25 in advertising credits.Your customer - after "like" page defined in module configuration page - will see special popup with personal voucher code.You can define voucher code "priority" option, A cart rule with priority of "1" will be processed before a cart rule with a priority of "2".With cart rule concerning attributes you can select product attributes for which voucher code will be active.You can add rule concerning attributes.You can define prefix in each language active / available in your shop.