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Regarding the flight of stairs, these had cleverly been altered so that the first four steps could be removed in one piece and replaced quickly.
We then reported to the senior American officer in charge of the occupying forces and asked for assistance in getting back to our own army or whoever it was caring for missing POWs.
His first words were E molto male, meaning my wound was quite serious.He informed us that they, the partisans, had received word to the effect that the Germans intended to make a how much money do survivor contestants make after taxes big search for escaped POWs during the next few days.His niece Daria took us across some fields and pointed out the main road which she said we had to cross, go down a steep embankment to the banks of a large river, it was called Piave and follow it downstream until we saw.When morning came we learned that two British officers and two Italian officers had been dropped into the camp along with supplies.It was then sliced into pieces by barnes and noble coupons for online purchases slipping a strong thread under it and pulling upwards.I was halfway to the village square and had just passed a number of houses when I was accosted by a tall stranger wearing a trench coat and soft hat.
All of us were extremely tired and warm with the exertion and decided on a half-hour rest before continuing on our climb.
The final memory I took with me was of my wife and my father on the platform as the train pulled out of the station.The camp interpreter, who was an Italian then told us the name of Commandant who said he hoped we would be comfortable in this our new home for the duration of the war.The weather was good for the time of the year.One German soldier shouted to me, 'Kom Kamerad' and gestured for me to get under one of the large trucks beside him.Later that evening it was decided to move all the prisoners as the supply of water was getting very low.The man said if we removed our wet clothes he would have them dried for the morning and he would bring us some old sacking to put over us until then, also he would get his wife to make some pasta and bring.